write your ancestors

Words of Praise

Speak an ode out loud: 

   You are  ________

   You make ________

   You bring ________

   You are like ________

   Thank you for __________

List making:

   All the beings/things who make your life possible

   All the beings/things you meet where you live

   All the beings/things you are made of

   All the beings/things you love


Deepen with Guides


  • What is sacred to you?

  • Where is your homeland?

  • How do you live in the land?

  • What are your special gifts and powers?

  • What are your affinities? Do you have particular plants, animals, stones, or elemental forces you are aligned with?

  • What needs healing here?

  • How can I help facilitate the healing?

  • How do you like to be honored? What offerings can I bring?

  • How can I live your blessings forward in my life?

Write the results of this conversation in any genre you like--

as a story, a theatrical scene, a comic, an epic poem, a song-- anything!

Language of Help

Write direct requests about at least three places in your life where you could use help. Use words like please.

Speak aloud your plea for help to your ancestors, or share with others in the group to receive their co-intending that you receive the help you need (this last process learned from Rachel Naomi Remen).

Intuitive Connection


Dominant Hand writes questions from your usual self

Non-Dominant Hand writes responses from your ancestors or guides or body or intuition

NON-DOMINANT writing or drawing to channel messages from your guides or ancestors or body or intuition.


Stream of consciousness, present tense writing that flows out like a dream. Try "I am..." as your prompt and return to it as needed. (Carl Jung calls this Active Imagination.) Afterwards this can be interpreted as you would a dream.

Lineage Poem

In the moments after connecting with a lineage, capture its essence in short phrases, images, metaphors, or similes.

Describe how your guides present themselves and make them come alive as particular characters. What shape do they take? What do they wear? How do they speak to you?

Detail what it feels like to receive a blessing from these ones, step by step.

Use specific sensory imagery to portray how the intuitive connection and communication works in your body/mind. 

Journal Tending

Track Your Dreams: 

Keep a journal by your bed and write down any scrap of dream or idea as soon as you wake. With persistent attention, your dream recall is likely to improve.

Track Your Drop-Ins: 

Keep notes, writings, and drawings from any guided sessions, healing circles, or self-guided visits with your lineage in one place.

Track Your Synchronicities:

At the end of the day, make note of anything that came up in your life, your body, or your thoughts that may be connected to the lineage you are tending.