COMMON questions

What if I don't know my genealogy?

This process works well with or without details of your genealogy. The space we work in is intuitive, looking at and communicating directly with lineages instead of relying solely on historical records for information. Historical and genealogical research is not discouraged, it is just not essential.


What is a lineage?

For our purposes, we will focus on your four primary blood lineages, which are connected to each of your four grandparents. Imagine your mother's mother as the head of a line of grandmothers going back through time. That is one lineage. Even though the lineage focus leads to gendered language, we do not assume that the gender identity and expression of all ancestors is binary and only male or female. We understand that ancestors vary widely in gender and sexual identity and expression, just like living humans.

What if I can't do the intuitive thing? Can you just communicate with my people for me?

My role is to coach you, support your intuitive process, and tend to the structure that keeps the work safe and effective. I am not functioning as a medium. I want our work to be the beginning of your felt connection to your people, leading to a lifelong connection and healthy relationship with your ancestors. 

Can this work even for atheists? Or for Christians?

Yes. Even atheists have ancestors! It is true that this work is based on an assumption that the dead and the living both exist simultaneously, and it is also the case that the work is rooted in core animist values about relating well with all beings. No particular religious, theistic or atheistic beliefs are required to participate effectively in this process. Intuitive experiences can be described in relation to a person's religious practice when that is helpful, and I am comfortable with many kinds of religious language and framing. 

What does it mean to be a certified practitioner in this work?

The training to be a certified practitioner of ancestral lineage healing in the Ancestral Medicine network includes two five-day intensive trainings led by Daniel Foor, with six months between those trainings for ongoing learning through trading practice sessions with other students and working on one's own ancestral wellness. This is followed by a certification phase of supervised session work with real clients (40 sessions minimum). Working as part of the network of practitioners includes ongoing continuing education, a unified Code of Ethics and collegial support.

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