Depth and Creativity

My background is in music, literature, and expressive arts. I am here to heal through creativity-- myself and others. My own ancestral healing  journey feels profoundly creative-- like opening up worlds inside the self and expanding how I experience the outside world. The connection to ancestral blessing feeds my creative expression, and I have found art making is a helpful companion in the healing process.


My work as a community musician, writer, artist, healer, and expressive arts group leader has been extremely varied, but always grounded in local community and in building wellness and creativity in people from the inside out. I have worked with all ages and in many settings, emphasizing emotional safety, experiential learning, step by step support, and freedom of expression. Many people have told me I helped them heal lifelong wounds that blocked their creativity, voice, or expression. 


My interest in justice and spiritual growth has also been with me all along, in my never-finished journey as a white, middle-class American becoming more aware of diverse viewpoints and less racist and classist in my actions, while striving to live authentically as a queer woman in a heteronormative-presenting marriage, and in following the sometimes surprising directions of my spirit's compass. My integrity urges me to find ways to keep my work financially accessible and environmentally aware. Studying Ancestral Medicine with Daniel Foor has strengthened my core animist values and my imperative to support cultural healing work. The animist/mystic framework I operate from sees all beings and things as worthy people to relate with as respectfully as possible. It's not just us living humans who are people, but also the non-living humans, the animals, the plants, the stones, the elemental forces-- the universe is alive and responsive and in conversation with us. Having good manners is important, with each other, with the earth, and with the spirits.

  • Hypnotherapy: Intuitive Hypnotherapy Institute 1995.

  • Community Choir Leadership Training 2011.

  • Reiki Master 2015 with Elizabeth Fulmer.

  • Certified Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner 2020 with Daniel Foor and Ancestral Medicine.

  • BM Voice Performance 1986 University of the Pacific.

  • MA French Literature 1988 Indiana University.

  • PhD Candidate Comparative Literature, minor in Afro-American Studies 1991 Indiana University.

  • Research topics: Literature and the Other Arts, Post-Colonial African Diaspora Literature & Cultural Identity, Creative Reading.

A note about the photographs on this website (taken by me unless otherwise noted):

The trees on the homepage grow on the ruins of a Viking burial mound in Gamla Uppsala, Sweden. I visited to honor my Father's Fathers, whom I experience as holding Viking ancestry. 

The stones in the sand are from the California coast near Bodega Bay. I love stones and their many colors and personalities. I feel that my Mother's Fathers share my connection to stones.

The tree I am hugging (photo by Bill Andrews) is a Cork Oak a few blocks from my house, on a public greenbelt in Davis, California. I often stop and hug a Cork Oak, or my favorite Bay Laurel tree friend when I go on neighborhood walks. The trees seem able to receive my love and also to receive emotional or energetic burdens I am tired of carrying, which they take down into the soil for compost or up into the air to seed the clouds. Many of my lineages have a fondness for trees, but I feel it especially in my Father's Mother's Fathers and my Mother's Father's Mothers.

The Barn Owl on the Common Questions page is one I met in Slovakia while on a choir tour with the Vocal Art Ensemble. I associate owls with both my Father's Mothers and my Father's Father's Mothers. 

The Elderflowers on the same page are from the same trip. This particular stand of plants grows at Pannonhalma, a monastery outside Budapest, Hungary. I love the flavor of elderflower in tea or in the Bodza syrup people make in that part of the world. I have a hunch my Father's Mothers also love the elderflower. They seem to love all small white flowers and berry plants.

The photo of me singing on this page is from my oldest daughter's wedding, where I sang Give Yourself to Love by Kate Wolf.

The flowers on this page were met in passing in March 2018, on a neighborhood fence. Aren't they beautiful?