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Healing circleS

Ancestors, song, & Voice

For the first time this August, Ancestral Medicine is hosting an assortment of ten-week-long ancestral healing circles on various themes. These are online groups of 10-14 people who are actively working with their own lineages to repair and reconnect. 

I am thrilled to be leading a circle with themes of song and voice interwoven with the ancestral healing process. There are so many ways that song can support ritual, connect us with our power and our people, and companion us through challenging times. Fellow practitioner and artist/ritualist Sidhead MacLeod will be supporting this circle.  

We meet from August 1 to October 3, on Sundays at 10am Pacific. The circle is full, but if you are interested in future iterations of work like this, let me know. 

Find out more

If you want to be notified next time I lead a circle like this, or have questions about my offerings, send me a message! 

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