Ancestral Arts



Everyone has wise and well ancestors, but many feel cut off from the blessings and gifts of their people and their lands of origin.


Ancestral Lineage Healing offers a sound structural framework for engaging helpful, vibrant ancestors in the repair of lineages that may have suffered damage from trauma, dislocation, colonialism, and other cultural or historical harms.


Using your innate intuitive abilities, together with skilled support and coaching, you can reestablish a mutually beneficial relationship with your own ancestors.


My people are from Iowa, and before that New York, and before that England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and France. Before that they were Vikings, Picts, Gauls, and Sami. My people have been ministers, musicians, healers, drummers, foresters, mothers, and grandfathers. They have been gay and straight and in-between. They have been people of the reindeer, owl, and alder, people of the grasses, snails, and stones. 


I am a Community Arts Director/Performer and a Certified Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner trained by Daniel Foor, PhD. I live in the Putah Creek watershed of California, where the Southern Patwin lived more than a millennium. I am 34 years into a cross-cultural marriage, with two grown daughters. My spiritual home is a small, handmade cob building in my backyard called the Earth Chapel.


My longing to be a force for cultural healing, my love of deep connection, and my artistic process are all fed in my Ancestral Healing practice.


Meetings are by phone or Zoom. Other communications and questions by email are welcome.


Free Consult: Let's chat for 20-30 minutes or so. I'm happy to answer your questions and/or help discern if we are a good fit to work together.

Initial Assessment: If you are new to Ancestral Lineage Healing work, we will likely begin with a 90-minute assessment appointment. This creates a strong foundation for our work together and gives us time to look at all four of your primary lineages.

Regular Appointments: 75 minutes.

  • I facilitate and support your intuitive process, helping you develop your own relationship to your people.  

  • I take detailed notes for you during the session, which I send in a follow-up email within 24 hours of our appointment.

  • My notes include personalized ritual follow-up suggestions for you, based on the advice coming through from your people, where you are in the process, and my own intuition & life experience.

  • You continue your healing work independently between appointments as long as you choose.

My Rates are $80-$120/session (follow your guidance in choosing the amount). I am currently flexing further as needed due to the global pandemic and the pressure this puts on many people financially, as well as the opportunity and urgency the situation presents for deep work. 

Introductory Special: Jump in with both feet by committing to three sessions at a reduced rate. Includes a 90-minute assessment and two regular 75-minute sessions for $200-$300 sliding scale.

Please feel welcome to get in touch with any questions.